Online food handler hellofresh looks a lot of potential for its cooking boxes

Online food handler Hellofresh looks a lot of potential for its cooking boxes

From the point of view of the cooking box sender hellofresh, the online trading of foods are held by great internet markets such as electronics or fashion years afterwards. "Less than 4 percent of food trade is currently happening online", said hellofresh boss dominik richter on wednesday at the group’s digital annual general meeting. For the company, the high growth potential bid.

"Experts suspect that this development will double in the course of the coming five years both in the us and other market." the lesson growth goals could be achieved alone if the company is the same as the market as fast as the market.

Sales doubled

Hellofresh supplies to its customers especially individual meals for the self-cooking with recipe and the already measured ingredients already measured. Like other delivery services, the company has benefited from highly rising demand in the coronavirus crisis last year. With 3.75 billion euros, sales in 2020 had more than doubled. The business in the us is still out of the half of the total revenue. The other market in the executive report (pdf) is listed together as an international segment.

Under the line remained a lot of stroke: after a loss of around 7 million euros in the previous year, the group now achieved a profit of more than 351 million euros.

Hellofresh on the annual general meeting again emphasized its ambitions to reduce the co2 outstool and food waste in production. In 2020, around 3600 tonnes of non-sold foods were donated and 1300 tonnes were disposed of as waste, said coarse and board thomas griesel. Hellofresh waste around 82 percent less food in production than conventional retail.

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