Rare connection

Munchen, 9. February 2015 – who in the compact class adds a station wagon with a lot of steam, but the cost may have in the bridle, stabbed a rather dunnes offer. However, ford and renault continue to help with focus st tournament and megane grandtour tce 220. We both tried.

If the budget does not allow a second car, the driving machine should be suitable for everyday life possible. That sounds like compact class with a lot of steam – and after combi. This connection is almost not found, alone ford and renault offer in the classic compact combination segment on 200 hp. Satte 250 hp brings the focus st to the front wheels; at least 220 you can paint with the megane tce 220 black strokes on the asphalt when you liked.

Understatement at the megane

From 26.600 euros there are the fast megane in the "gt-line" (obligation in connection with the engine discussed here). This is the sporty execution before rs, but the car acts discreetly. The specific schurzen specified in the list proves as a detrimental feature in striking silver – especially contrasting, but all other than intrusive. There is not even visible exhaust tubes (but a hitch clutch). Because the gt execution can also be combined with other motors, experienced noise can recognize the strength output at the badge on the b-saule.

There is that with so far 29.200 euros recorded focus st of very different caliber. His most domestic double tube betrayed him from further distance and let it at least guess that this compact is falling out of the series. Unfortunately, however, this is the installation of an attachment clutch neither possible nor allowed. Slightly crafted sills and black honeycomb grids are matching a wire program. However, the "aston martin" effect lacks the sporty focus: during the civilian variants, above all, due to the citizen grilling after model maintenance, on the type of the british sports car brand, is the difference between old and new st. Does not do anything, he did not deteriorate either.

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