Usa: trump wants to ban tiktok

USA: Trump wants to ban Tiktok

The us prasident donald trump wants to ban the short video app tiktok in the us, and that will be on this saturday. Fellow journalists explained trump on friday evening (local time) in the air force one: "as far as tktok is concerned, we banish them from the usa". He has the power and konne to do that with a prasident’s disguise. On friday, according to informed circles had become known that microsoft was interested in toktok. According to the journalists, trump clearly made it against a deal at which a us company will take over the american operation of tiktok.

Security concerns

Tiktok is always in criticism due to safety concerns, privacy and censorship. The chinese company bytedance bought the karaoke app musical.Ly and overtook all users within a year in his competitive product tktok. A us committee initiated in 2019 for data protection concerns of us user data, which may be available in access by chinese, and content censorship.

Bytedance subbed from chinese legislation, then the allegation. Bytedance then explained that tiktok is completely operated outside china, which stores data stored on us servers and have not been passed on to the government in beijing at any time, and this will not happen, the company should be prompted for it. In china, the company operates the version douyin.

The electoral committee of donald trump recently called on social networks to sign a petition to lead to the ban on tiktok. In facebook ads, it struck it that "tiktok caught on fresh act" after developers had noticed that tktok regularly copied the clipboard of ios users. Previously, users of tiktok had generously totried a campaign appearance of donald trump in tulsa and cared for empty range.


According to reuters followed trump’s envision to ban the service "hectic" negotiations between the sowing house, byte dance and potential buyers of tiktok, including microsoft. Use the video service according to information from reuters 80 million people monthly in the us. One of bytedance expected rating of us $ 50 billion for toktok and the existence of a minority interest on the app, led to the report on difficult negotiations.

Tiktok was also in the criticism in april too in april. Thus, rough parts of the traffic between tiktok and the servers of the app were not closed and approvable abuse. Previously, server-side weaknesses allow account manipulation. In june, india locked next to tiktok and wechat 57 other apps sending data to china and threatening the sovereignty of india.

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