Blink ban from 2009

Blink ban from 2009

I stand in front of a red traffic light, right-wing track. Suddenly knocked on my side window and a friendly young man asks: can i help? – help? Whereby? – well, you have a breakdown. Your warning lights is on – the incurred is broken, it only goes right. I’m speechless, and the man is surprised when i just go. After the curve, the turn signal lever speeds clearly horny into its starting position. So that was it! I accidentally had the direction indicator.

Retraining required
that the re-training "use of intermittent light sources for danger traffic for driving license owners class a to f", which was suggested to all ages vehicle holders, but also calculated on my business trip … At all, i have no driving license, but only a gray empight, politically incorrect, but obviously full-washable "fuser license" in full equipment, options one to five.

It is no longer flashed, and that’s good. Since the fall of grid depletion has been observed by the led turn signals drilling into the iris and even two road users from the nervous flashes and -nke at a bab hiking construction site suffered an epileptic seizure, the non-flashing is non-impunity and in the insured event with no disadvantages more.

Ub and remove
the handle to the turn signal lever in my vehicle was still difficult for me, he is here. Even if the manufacturer has probably only installed him for any trips in thresholders: in iran, for example, after adoption of the shiite hupverbot, it is increasingly flashed. As back. The flashing frequency correlates proven mammables with the delta waves in the brain and makes aggressive. And then still this color that is almost painfully reminiscent of a wasp rear.

Fubganger and cyclists are not blinking, and that must be emancipatory for all. Prototype gdr: anyone who removed the vopo when driving on the euphemistical "transit highway" strut test track by unconcluded wessi blinking was fast valuta in the equivalent of a tank finish. Non-flashing also saves money today, namely for glow lamps and gasoline, and sustainably reduces the co2 outskin: at the traffic light blast over a gram of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Compute this time on the lighting plants of this world.

Privacy lists
apart from that, it has probably not to be interested in anyone, where the motorists patterned by a thousand video eyes now wants to go straight – there should be the privacy trainers quickly: otherwise, there will be us at some point viagra advertising in the house, just because we are in high of the establishment "at mona" to the right. Highest time so for a legally stated flash ban. (carmen meinrad)

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