Blockchain strategy of the federal government delivers little results so far

Blockchain strategy of the Federal Government delivers little results so far

A total of 44 projects had written the federal government with the national blockchain strategy presented in september 2019 – to a result but has come to a conclusion but only a small part. This comes from a response of the federal government to the small request of the fdp group, which is our site.

Accordingly, the 44 projects of the strategy so far have completed six, three not yet started and the rest is paid as starting. According to the list of the federal government, two of the completed projects are now legislation, namely the national implementation of the 5. Eu money laundering, which, among other things, introduced regulations for crypto-looking service providers, as well as the regulations for electronic securities. The other completed projects is a round-table event, study tender and rather general intentions, for example, to certain demands that can be seen as an invalescent.

Directory for device identities

However, projects that are actual applications are not so far. Among other things, this year a pilot project of the german energy agency (dena) for blockchain-based energy plant connections should be achieved. Developed in a so-called "blockchain machine identity ledger", the a digital and decentralized directory for gerate identities should be. According to federal government, according to the federal government complementar to intelligent measurement, the integration of energy generation systems into the energy system can be measured as well as fevering further value-added services. At the end of 2021, the yield of the then expiring pilot project should be made public.

Another project is a blockchain that consumers can track the supply chains for food for food. The project lies at the federal ministry of diet and agriculture in cooperation with the fraunhofer institute for applied information technology. Currently you call, "how and whether a practical implementation can take place". Also in examination is whether a blockchain-based "electronic certificate register" for the judiciary of benefits. In general, many of the projects still seem to be in prufstadien.

"Tamtam" and "unicorn worship"

"The blockchain is only a marketing gag for the federal government. Your strategy was contested with a lot of tamptam, but at the end of the legislature period, only heating air has remained", defendant by the bundestag member frank schaffler from the fdp. Some critics saw in the strategy paper as a publication a rather uncomplifiable collective aginium or languages of "fantasy, pr-speak" and required "unicorn worship".

Most recently, the federal government had taken care of its design for criticism for criticism, among other things from the digital industry. The intended obligations for service providers to gather personal data for crypto-money transactions, are partially unaffiguous and also hose the previous results blockchain-friendly policy, for example the association bitkom.

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