Bmw 1 series m rs: impact from tuningwerk

Bmw 1 series m rs: impact from tuningwerk

Puchheim, 18. April 2012 – with the 1erm of coupe bmw has provided bmw for furore. The little bayer makes 340 hp from the factory and also shows his power visually. Who the strongest 1er is still too inexpensive, can now order more power and spoiler at tuningwerk.

Stay cool

The tuner demands the three-liter six-cylinder biturbo even more power. Now there are 521 hp and a maximum torque of 614 nm from 2800 tours available. Depending on the mounting tires, the bayer now runs up to 300 km / h quickly.

Not only the rear axle translation and the differential lock, but also the entire kuhlsystem, which was supplemented by another olkuhler. The exhaust system consists of titanium. The clutch was optimized for steadfastness, but the car should still be well mobile in city traffic. A race coupling can be on request.


For a possible planned race use, depending on the targeted fia-for-inclusive, small changes like a coffee in the interior. Because both the turver clothes, as well as almost all dams still exist, there is further potential for weight reduction in these places. The m-1er has already been stretched out: the gt4 front lip, bonnet, rear cover, tailflight and recaro seating are made of carbon. Who likes, can order doors from this material and side windows made of plastic, but only in connection with a fully coffee.

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