Bmw 1er-erlkonig caught by the police

Bmw 1er-erlkonig caught by the police

Hair, 17. May 2011 – also test drivers have to keep speed limitations. That has now got the driver of a camouflaged new bmw 1er to traces. Our erlkonig photographer has recorded the scene.

First look into the cockpit

The test drivers were very enthusiastic. In the zeal of the battle you love the door open, and so also a photo of the cockpit. It can be seen that the navi screen is now out of the dashboard exit – the previously fixed accommodation in a hood soothed. In addition, the knopfe for the climate collection has become filigree.

Sport stobstalk from the m package

The abs view is already known. Only in december 2010 brought our photographer pictures of the new model. The front is now leaning against the x1. At the now photographed model, however, is for the first time to see the front thrust with m-package. Sportily, the knipste 1er also presents itself at the rear with two coarse tailpipes – in the photos of december 2010 is only one tailpipe. The new 1er should have more space in the rear and more trunk through a big wheelbase and more rear overhang. Technically, new turboenzines are to be expected. So there should be a motor that – similar to the 1.2 tsi of the vw group – about 100 hp from 1.2 liters of displacement. There will be three and funfturers as well as coupe and convertible again. The series model of the new 1er will probably be at the iaa in september 2011.

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