Bmw 335i coupe: after tuning with 406 hp

Bmw 335i coupe: after tuning with 406 hp

Erftstadt, 9. September 2010 – the color black lies europe-wide with 27 percent although only in second place the most popular colors, but still considered one of the value-largest. Also at tuner is the color next to the fashionable wife a permanent burner. Even the tuner mr car design painted his latest shock in this color. From a standard maby bmw 335i, the "black scorpion", when itself the typical bmw kidneys, otherwise in chrome, became black.

More power

If the series-maby three-liter series socket cylinders with turbocharging 306 hp, it is with the tuned version 406 hp. Instead of 400, the crankshaft must now handle a maximum of 530 nm. The performance increase is achieved by reprogramming the engine software. For even more power, a charge air skool ensures. Also more powerful, a dam prere-optimized, stainless steel exhaust system, to which optional sports catalysts can be ordered.

Bonnet from m3

Bmw rushes the coupe maximum with 19 inch rims, the tuner mounted 20-zoller. At the front they are narrower than behind, which also shows itself in the tires: the pneus ensures the dimensions 235/30 or 285/25 for contact with the strain. A high-adjustable thread factory should provide for more close to the asphalt. At the body, the tuner does not take its own changes and familiarizes an original bonnet from the current bmw m3 instead.

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