Bmw-erlzonig: first pictures of the new luxury station wagon

Bmw-erlzonig: first pictures of the new luxury station wagon

Hair, 5. October 2007 – "we will not build a space-functional concept," said bmw chief board norbert reithofer a few days ago, "his place occurs in character fundamentally changed concept. It is the completely new segment that we are currently under the concept of progressive activity sedan, short pas, ". The new car should show the "prasence of a sedan" and with "intelligent functionality" surprise.

Roof line as with a coupe

The fact that the vehicle is already in the testing show first emergency pictures. To see is a long limousine, which but high builds as a ugly. The roof line is pulled back as with a coupe and slides smoothly over the trunk lid. It is well imaginable that the car in the rear offers a lot of headroom. The precious station wagon with four or funf seating – for business travelers is therefore a lot of space available, if someone chauffeur.

How will the car be heater?

Exciting, however, the question remains how the new car could live. As it is likely to be based on the 5 series platform, "v5" for "volume" also conceivable as "l5" for luxury. Also speculate may be speculated on the motorizations: probably the six and eight-cylinder engines from the 5er are used. Maybe since 2009 the new bmw model could come.

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