Bmw: first details of the i4

"Is the german auto industry still to save?"Broken the always controversial franz alt at the colleagues of telepolis in a comment. Like so many places, the "lively" tesla-grand elon musk was presented as a luminous role model, where the "old and hilarious, german automotive producers" could take an example.

Who wins?

What will look over and again with all musk enthusiasm: the economic breakthrough of tesla is once again immediately. Untestingly, he does that for quite a while, while that of idealists so despised, german car industry worldwide has financially success. For tesla, the times are not necessarily easier, because the "old and hilarious" automakers rise just at the time roughly into the e-auto market, from which he suggests sustainable profits.

Bayern prefers to be comparatively breakfast and courageously, the bmw i3 (test) consciously went his own ways. The group has often emphasized in recent years to be satisfied with the sales figures of the technology carrier, but art is a stucco back towards the mass market. The i4 becomes a limousine in the current style of the house. Unlike the i3, it will be conventional that concerns the materials. Coarse progress, however, are expected in battery technology.

The i4 will come to the market in one and a half years. He is built in munchchen, but the battery cells buys bmw externally and cares at the headquarters in the bavarian state capital alone about the development of batteries and electric drives. Therefore, a new "competence center for battery technology" was opened in the munchner north. Bayern wanted to know what they would buy from the current battery suppliers such as catl or samsung, to be able to always be the situation at any time, it is quite self-confident at bmw. "From today’s technology of bmw i3, we double the energy density of our battery cells up to 2030 and thus the range for our customers," says the new bmw ceo oliver zipse.

Unique position

From 2021, when the fun generation of the electric drives shuttle, you even want to shop in morocco and australia the raw materials themselves and then pass on to the suppliers for use. The new competence center battery cell bring bmw into a unique position, argues zipse, because this will affect the functional performance and the cost of the battery.


The i4 is technically closely connected to the current 3 series series and becomes the electrified version of the 4er gran coupe, which is offered from the end of 2020 with internal combustion engines. In the i4 it should give different constellations – optionally only one electric motor is installed or one front and rear each. The batteries are installed flat under the floor in a frame. In the case of similar performance, the individual battery packs are around 40 percent flat and also significantly smaller than in the i3.

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