Eu commission: networking for more traffic safety

Eu commission: networking for more traffic safety

The eu commission has the on thursday "statistics for safety in the strain traffic 2015" submitted. Last year, according to the strain in the eu member states, 26 died.000 people. That’s 5500 less than 2010. Since 2013, the number of traffic notes but hardly back, while the ridge between 2001 and 2010 was at 43 percent despite the steady rising traffic volume.

The commission explains the development, among other things, with increasing access points between unused road users such as femrene and cyclists as well as motorized car drivers in the city and a static growing number of old people in the strain traffic. In addition, a deteriorated infrastructure came "due to the economic crises" and "new trends" for road users such as "the distraction by mobile phones". Now the commission wants to set the digitization mainly. "The future of the suspension security is increasingly shaped by technology and innovation", explains transport commissarin violeta bulc. Above all, crosslinked and automated driving mountains a coarse potential to prevent together.

The commission therefore wants a master plan in the second half of 2016 for "cooperative intelligent transport systems" to develop. This is intended to allow the mutual communication between vehicles with each other as well as with stain infrastructure. Such systems were able to warn road users, if it comes to a full braking or suddenly obstacles. A timetable dafur has already delivered an eu project at the beginning of the year. Provements are also hopes for brussel from the ecall emergency system, which must be provided by marz 2018 on vehicles of new model series.

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