Exclusive convertible: spyker c8 aileron spyder

Exclusive convertible: spyker c8 aileron spyder

Pebble beach (california / usa), 18. August 2009 – a spyder version based on the second generation of the c8 aileron has presented the dutch sports car manufacturer spyker in front of illustrem audience. To see was the car until the past sunday as a prototype at the ninety-five pebble beach concours d’elegance. The netherlanders had already announced the spyder in marz at the geneva motor show 2009, where they also showed the series version of the c8 aileron.

Semi-automatic material cover

The c8 aileron spyder has a semi-automatic fabric cover that must be unlocked manually. The hood has an integrated glass pane and is in eight colors obvious. Like the coupe, the spyder is a mid-motor car with two seats and aluminum lightweight bodies. Both variants have a 15-centimeter wheelbase than the c8 laviolet and the c8 spyder.

New design in the sign of the turbine

The c8 aileron also has a characteristic design, which is now held on the forms of aircraft turbines – as the process – on the propeller. This fits that the english word aileron means aileron. The jerk lights and turn signals are now equipped with led technology. Inside, the dashboard was redesigned from herbstone aluminum – among others with air vacuums in the turbine design. There was a digital display between the speedometer and tachometer.

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