France: government wants tolls for foreign trucks

France: government wants tolls for foreign trucks

Paris government wants to charge foreign trucks for using french roads. "We are working (…) on a kind of vignette, in particular to make it possible to tax, to some extent, the foreign trucks that only pass through france," environment minister francois de rugy told the bfmtv channel. "We want to find the right solution in 2019." the french transport industry reacted with concern and wants to resist additional costs for their companies.

The otre association warned that such a reduction would also have to apply to french vehicles. Eu rules prohibit in principle discrimination against foreign trucks by road tolls. Minister de rugy gave details of the considerations in the interview on sunday (sept. 23). Sept. 2018) – it remained open, for example, for whom and on which roads the fee could be compulsory. However, he ared that the relevant eu directive would be respected.

It is not just a question of ecological considerations, said de rugy: resources are needed to finance investments in the road and rail network "so that we do not suffer phenomena like the accident in genoa". A highway bridge collapsed in the italian city in mid-august, killing 43 people.

In france, drivers of cars and trucks already have to pay tolls on many stretches of freeway operated by private companies.

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