Lightning device: first encounter with the ampera

Lightning device: first encounter with the ampera

Russelsheim, 25. Marz 2009 – for opel it is currently difficult to direct the attention of the audience to his products. The company was able to show good sales at the very latest – and it does not seem to lack the russelsheimern (and developer colleagues in mainz-kastel). That’s why we were quite looking forward to the possibility of getting to know opel ampera – even if we unfortunately were not allowed to drive him yet.

Successful optics

The design of the ampera comes from the us from the us, but with a few retouching, the opel designers have managed to give the vehicle more residence. The ampera acts sniggy and should actually come to the market almost exactly in this form at the end of 2011. The most conspicuous is the front area with bumerang-forming light units. Striking are also the long drawn flowing center with a short demolition edge and the thick black bars below the side window. With a long from 4.40 meters, the ampera is shortly seven centimeters short than a zafira, for that with a high of 1.43 meters extremely low. So the aerodynamics and thus the efficiency of the vehicle should be increased. Interesting detail: with 2.68 meters the wheelbase is exactly the same as that of the chevrolet cruze. On demand, opel confirmed that the chassis components are surrounded by the cruze or the coming opel astra.

Sufficient space inside

Only four people find in the expensive single piece place – even this will remain in the series version: a massive center tunnel separates the passenger space in two halves and also lets only individual seats. Among them is a part of the t-formed battery unit. To get to the rear, you have to move your head as a person about 1.80 meters?. The reason for this is the very long pulled and flat rear window. The seating position is low, but in itself quite comfortable, but is the upper body behind the c-saule. Under this is a trunk of 301 liters volume, which should also be expandable in the later series. Change forward: dashboard and seats could also be in an insignia, would not be the display behind the steering wheel. This shows the driver in addition to the speed also details of energy consumption.

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