Mercedes-benz slk with “performance rs package”

Mercedes-benz slk with 'performance rs package'

Rottweil, 22. April 2010 – the mercedes slk is a more comfortable roadster from home. For more sports spirit, there is either the sports package from the factory or tuner like piecha design. The now offers a "performance rs package" for the slk.

New front

For the front, piecha design has reformed the stobsticks and provided with led daytime running lights, additional brake air ducts and fog lamps. The kuhlergrille preserves stainless steel lamellae stainless steel lamellae in addition to the wider, pulled up to the outside. Curved side skirts with coarse air inlet channels at the rear end should provide a wedge-shaped, deeper line. The sill lighting illuminates the immediate surroundings at night. The striking sports mirrors performed on two articulated arms are electrically adjustable and heated and manually folding.

Sport exhaust from kat

For the tail, the tuner from rottweil offers a newly styled tailgate with wide lattice insert, diffuser and additional underfloor flying. Optionally, there is the tailgate with recesses for the serial or for the four-tube exhaust systems. For more output, a rear spoiler lip extending to the outdoor edges should provide. The sports exhaust systems have been handled and delivered from catalyst. The assembly takes place without separation work on the original flange fasteners.

Windfolt made of glass

As wheel tire combinations are 19-incher all around and a combination of 19-inched front and 20-inch rims behind the choice. It is also a comfort vario roof module with which the roof will open up to 60 km / h. A power converter should appeal to the accelerator pedal faster and hold a glass of glass unwanted storm from the cockpit.

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