Ministerial plagiarism

For the leader of the nea dimokratia parliamentary group adonis georgiadis "a dead author has no rights"

"Theodora phranza; or the fall of constantinople" is the name of an epic work about the fall of the byzantine empire published in 1857 by john mason neale (1818-1866). The book is distributed worldwide by booksellers and mail order companies. The anglican priest jason mason neale describes the capture of the capital of the eastern roman empire by the ottomans from the point of view of the patrician daughter theodora phranza.

The historically instructive novel makes medieval englishmen look a little better and greeks a little worse than in many other contemporary books. The book, whose most recent editions have appeared in recent years, is not necessarily a bestseller on platforms such as amazon. This is understandable, because due to the expired copyrights it is quite easy to find, for example, as a pdf file.

Ministerial plagiarism

Georgiadis (right) jokes with prime minister antonis samaras. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

Current nea dimokratia parliamentary group leader and previous health minister adonis georgiadis is a fervent patriot by his own admission. On the other hand, it is no secret that georgiadis is a fiery admirer of margaret thatcher’s policies. Puritan and neoliberal ideas inspire him.

The publisher thought that the book was good. Too good to gather dust unused. Georgiadis has his own publishing house. He found an old translation of the work from english into katharevousa, the official language used until 1976, an artificial language based on ancient greek. In greek antiquarian bookstores you can still find copies made by the translator x.A. Parmenidis.

Georgiadis quickly translated this text into the simpler dimotiki used today. After that he put his name over it and sold the book, which is published in the third edition, through his bookstore as his own work.

The hurried editing of the politician is shown by some rather amusing mistakes. Parmanidis had used the english term "terrace" into the catharevousa as "doma" translated. The meaning of the greek word as space only remotely reflects neale’s description of a courtyard. The fact that georgiadis came from the "doma" a "domatio", i.E. An interior, a room of a building, puts the crown on the whole translation chaos. Because in some atmospheric scenes of the novel it rains on the terraces of the palace, which is why they become wet. In georgiadi’s version, the rooms of the palace are under water when it rains. The glowing patriot should have noticed that such details would reflect badly on the byzantine architects.

On page 241 to 242 of the work of georgiadis a jew appears. Bartholomew advises the sultan on military tactics to destroy the greeks. The motif of the treacherous jew hating the greeks, popular with the right-wing politician, does not exist in the original text. It is a sacrificial contribution of georgiadis. The fact that he makes a half-english, half-turkish hero of the original text an english greek should be obvious to any interested reader of georgiadis’ political ideas.

In georgiadis’ publishing house, which had once been developed by his father into one of the most prestigious houses for classical ancient greek and latin literature, the byzantine case of adonis is published as a book based on anonymous sources "anonymous sources" based on anonymous sources by the owner of the publishing house.

Georgiadis’ excesses, bordering on racism, have obviously been the motive that the journalists’ group "ios" (greek for virus) motivated to critically examine the books of the politician. Tasos kostopoulos, anta psarra and dimitris psarras brought the "adoniade" to the light of day.

When asked by the left-liberal press about the plagiarism, the author, who was scolded as a plagiarist, reacted flippantly. "No dead author can sue for copyrights. It would have been a pity for such a good book!", he said on twitter. Since 2004, he has been collecting the greek author’s bonuses as well as the royalties "of his" work.

For the interested german reader, the search for plagiarized doctoral theses of politicians in greece has not yet begun.

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