Opera 70: improved search and personalization for workspaces

Opera 70: Improved search and personalization for workspaces

Opera has searched the search with the new version 70 of his eponymous browser. The search box in the panel for bookmarks and the course has become gross. In addition, now also looks like in short-closed tabs, that was a desire of users. With the key combination ctrl + spacebar you can search content in sooped tabs.

According to a blog post of opera, the browser can also be better adapted to your own requirements. This can be set up several workspaces that can now be personalized with colors, labels and new icons – they are "spabig, sub and useful". The option for funf tasks has existed since the beginning of the year. Opera 70 is now available for all systems.

Most recently, opera twitter and a weather widget had integrated into the browser, as previously other services, including about instagram or the facebook messenger. Thus, opera denotes the use of the applications in the workspace bar. An extra-furs gaming browser version has been announced since the end of last year for the mac and has now been available as early access.

Extended business area of opera

In addition to the browser business, opera has entered the field of finances. Currently, the purchase of lithuanian fjord bank is – a direct bank with european banking license. You are only waiting for the approval of the supervisors, striking it recently. Opera has already taken the fintech pocosys offering financial services. However, the company was already in criticism for its offers. Thus, google operas finished financial apps from the store, because they were offset against the guidelines. The microcredit offered in developing leaders should have been clossed in absurd high interest rates.

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