Peugeot sxc concept: study for the chinese market

Peugeot sxc concept: study for the chinese market

Shanghai (china), 14. April 2011 – with the study sxc, peugeot is aimed at the asian market. A hybrid drive combines in sxc a charged gasoline engine and an electric motor with each other. This distinguishes the study from the planned 3008 hybrid, which should come to the market in summer. There, the french car maker has combined a diesel engine with an electric motor. Such a constellation was made a little sense on the chinese car market. Self-cunning are little popular there.

Futuristic interior

The concept vehicle sxc, which on the car shanghai (21. To 28. April 2011) is presented, is 4.87 meters long, 2.04 meters wide and 1.61 meters high. The wheelbase exists exactly three meters. The most recent feature are the oppositing of opposition. Led daytime running lights in front and 22-inch rims set more accents. The led topic is picked up on the bumerang-formed jerk lights. As an eye-catcher also serves details such as cameras in the reflect mirrors or body parts made of herbstem aluminum. A two-part panoramic roof lets a lot of light in the futuristic interior.

Lithium-ion battery

The drive serves the so-called hybrid4 drive technology from peugeot. A turbo gasoline is combined at the front with a mounted in the rear electric motor. So too is a four-wheel drive possible. The charged 1.6-liter gasoline engine makes 218 hp, while the e-machine provides a maximum of 70 kw available. The maximum torque of the internal combustion engine amounts to 300 nm, the e-engine, a permanent magnet synchronous motor, brings it to a maximum of 178 nm. In order to ensure the power transmission, an automated six-speed manual transmission. On average, the sxc should consume 5.8 l / 100 km. At a synonymous speed, the car should come purely electrically up to 12.5 kilometers far. The memory serves a lithium-ion battery.

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