Presentation: mercedes e-class all-terrain

Presentation: mercedes e-class all-terrain

Stuttgart, 21. September 2016 – with the first t model, the planners had a good riche at mercedes in the mid-1970s. So much times and taste have changed since then, one thing the gross mercedes combination to date: every generation is in their way in became aged. They were always a step behind the fashion, which has not hurt them in the long term. But now comes with the new version all-terrain an offshoot, which is cut exactly on the zeitgeist. Mercedes is not a market building, but follows a fashion that has gotten in recent years.

The speech is of course of those models that are charged with plenty of unpainted plastic and a lot of teose suv properties. Some a manufacturer not only dispenses with the four-wheel drive, but also to a highlight, which then acts end-to-final reasonable sensation. So far, mercedes does not go. Although the brand does not dispense with the apparently trendy plastic look, but changes the chassis and builds a serious, permanent four-wheel drive with a lamella brake.

Variable in the high

Series mab are 19-inch alloy wheels, which, however, have a higher flank than the civil model. Thus, the e-class all-terrain is 14 mm high. The likewise serial air suspension has a basic position that brings again 15 mm more ground clearance. From this basic position, it can be adjusted 20 mm upwards or lowering 15 mm. The latter happens on the highway from a certain pace automatically. So ground freedom can be adjusted between 12.6 and 16.1 cm. There are 11.2 cm in the normal e-class.

Although the all-terrain version does not make a real railing vehicle competition, but that was not the goal either. Mercedes, as a customer, has probably, above all, people in the sense who want to drive from time to and to a dirt road with extended traces without having to grab a suv or a railary car. The ground clearance should be mostly enough.

Start with just one engine

At the start of the spring of 2017, the all-terrain only has the new diesel engine om 654. The four-cylinder provides 194 hp and is given in this hull in the nefz with 5.2 liters. Depending on the tire format, for the normal e-class t model with this machine with 4.2 to 4.6 liters – but without four-wheel drive. There are currently not available for execution without unpainted plastic. Further motors were allowed before the summer of 2017, including the three-liter diesel and a six-cylinder gasoline engine. How far mercedes is the engine offering, of course, depends on customer resonance.

Other destinations that are attentive. Should the e-class with plastic construction be successful, bmw will safely follow up with a corresponding 5er. But too, the e-class has a lot of serious competition. Volvo shows the new v90 cross country on the paris motor show. Audi has been working on the a6 last year. He was allowed to make a completely new form in the coming year, then certainly again as a6 allroad quattro. That all these models with these attachments is taken slightly from their original elegance, has not hurt their success so far.

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