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Shenzhen (vr china) / deggendorf, 11. February 2016 – the chinese manufacturer byd (build your dreams) has shifted in 2015 to the top of the electric car providers. Last year, the company set a total of 60 worldwide.000 electric vehicles off. Since february fenecon – long-term partner of byd – has been offering the crossover byd e6 optimized with a cost-minded iron phosphate battery for commercial and fleet use also in germany and austria. The european sale began in the netherlands, where a fleet of e6 taxis in rotterdam has been traveling since december 2013.

Cheap 600 euros net per kwh

Thanks to the battery capacity of 80 kwh, the range of the e6 amounts to around 400 kilometers. At a price of 50.000 euro (without vat) has the electric car has a system price of around 600 euros net per kilowatt-hour storage capacity. The investment costs amount to 12.500 euros net per 100 kilometers of electric reach. This ratio, according to the manufacturer, have not reached no other provider so far.

In asia, the e6 is mainly used in taxi fleets. "Users succeed the combination of gross range, passenger comfort with at the same time cheap operating costs," says fenecon’s businessman franz-josef feilmeier. On fast charging stations, the e6 lithium iron phosphate battery can be completely filled in two hours.

Byd guarantees 4000 charging cycles up to a residual capacity of 75 percent. Purely mathematically, this corresponds to a driving power of up to 1.4 million kilometers. The warranty on the vehicle itself is two years or 150.000 kilometers. The e6 reaches 140 km / h highest speed, the electric motor provides 90 kw / 122 hp and provides 450 nm torque from the stand.

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