“Sharia is the worst form of racism and gender injustice”

Sabatina james on islamic parallel justice in germany

In her book sharia in germany, sabatina james, an ex-muslim who writes under a pseudonym, describes the informal establishment of an islamic legal system in germany, which – although it runs counter to german legal guidelines – local politicians also want to introduce officially.

Ms. James, you write in your book that the lives of a large proportion of the 4.3 million muslims registered in germany are determined by their country of origin rather than their life in germany. What do you make of this and how do you explain it to yourself?? Sabatina james: most muslims come from countries where sharia law is socially accepted as the law of god. Unlike in germany, religion determines what people eat, what they drink, whom they marry, how they treat women and minorities, and which laws they follow. Islam is not only a ritual religious practice, but a socio-political system. Which muslim now rejects the anti-democratic aspects of the sharia when entering europe?? The mindset of muslims, their actions, their view of those who think differently, those who believe differently and women continue to be shaped by islam. In addition, the qur’an does not present the integration of its adherents into a western society as particularly desirable. In sura 5:51, for example, it forbids muslims to be friends with jews and christians. This is how many followers of islam in germany live in parallel societies. They find everything they need to live anyway in their neighborhoods, which are largely inhabited by migrants: so arab doctors, "halal supermarkets", mosques and lawyers. Women in particular hardly come into contact with the german majority society and often have to adhere to the same code of honor as in their country of origin. They are not free in a free country. Even the decision of their heart, namely to marry the man they love, is often not respected if he is the future non-muslim. Even if this oppression does not affect all muslim women, one may well ask why there are hardly any muslim women who have a german as their life partner.

"Whoever advocates a mabified islam commits treason against islam"

why then? Sabatina james: because classical sharia law forbids it, both in the muslims’ country of origin and here in our country. It is not democracy and western values that determine the law in the life of a muslim, but the teachings of muhammad and the arab scholars. Yusuf al qaradawi, for example, arguably the most influential islamic theologian at the time. His television program is watched by more than 60 million muslims. It obliges muslims in europe to be the permanently different ones and not to integrate under any circumstances. Those who, according to qaradawi, advocate a moderate islam and affirm western ideals of freedom and democracy are committing treason against islam. People who listen to the scholar, read or access his fatwas via the internet, this mission leads at best to a parallel society, at worst to fundamentalism.

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