Sheet metal became empiric

Sheet metal became empiric

Hamburg / geneva, 5. Marz 2008 – remember the amalfi cs 1800? The yellow car robbed his ownership with all sorts of quirks and glitches the nerves and was the actual star of the ard broadcaster "ps", which flicked in 1975 on the screen. In order to not close any car brand in the ara of the fast dread, the movie crew had made this single piece in the fantasy design instead of a series car. Now have the internet portals mobile.De and ebay motors something similar to the raders: the "germany car" is the sheet that has become a result of an evaluation of 30 million internet search queries on car brand, model and features.

Search behavior on the internet

The question was: which vehicle is in demand with what equipment features among the germans? Data collection filtered out which car brands, models and equipment features are most commonly searched for the two platforms. On the basis of the combination of these individual evaluations, a real car was constructed and built. The survey period was the year 2007.

Limousine preferred

At the external features such as model, paint and form, the data from mobile became.De, during categories such as equipment, interior and tuning elements, the numbers of ebay motors were considered considered. This data greed was used for the construction plan for the germany car: the fourth level limousine consists of the front half of a golf iii and the rear of a 3-bmw series e36. The unique is painted in the colors carbon black and metallic blan, which extend from the rear to the front. It is driven by a gasoline engine, has a manual transmission and possesses its creators even a tuv-for-inclusive.

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