Smartphone market: xiaomi pulls past apple

The chinese provider xiaomi has taken the place of its us sanctions in the global smartphone market competitors huawei. According to calculations of the analysis company canalys, xiaomi die in the second quarter at the rate at the second place in the industry and jerked near market drivers samsung.

Strong growth

Xiaomi therefore increased its sales within one year by 83 percent and reached a market share of 17 percent. Samsung came to 19 percent. Apple with his iphone followed on the third place with 14 percent, as canalys reported on the night of friday. The top 5 complete the chinese providers oppo and vivo with around ten percent market share.

"Xiaomi builds its international business rapidly", said ben stanton of canalys. The manufacturer has more than quadrupled its sales in latin america and also in europe also reported significant growth with an increase of 50 percent. "This year is one of the top priorities for xiaomi, the sales of high-end advanced as the mi 11 ultra to boost."

Smartphone market: Xiaomi pulls past Apple

Hard competition

However, this will not play a breeze: the chinese competitors oppo and vivo have overturned their sales activities in europe and attractive devices in the portfolio. "That will be a hard fight", stanton said. "Oppo and vivo have the same goal and are both ready to put a lot of money into advertising for the construction of their brands, which xiaomi does not do so far."

Huawei was the second-gray smartphone provider with ambitions to the top position until the past year. But after sanctions of the us government, the chinese group lost access to western technologies. Especially painful was the loss of google services for smartphones. Huawei has sold his daughter brand honor since then and builds its own software platform harmonyos also for smartphones. In the chinese market huawei is still a solid gross.

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