Softbank was able to sell cpu developer arm again

Softbank was able to sell CPU developer arm again

The japanese softbank group superimposed to sell the british chip developer arm completely or partially. A boron is also considered. Report us media catering to initiate. Softbank should already have received an offer. As a consultant, the financial institute of goldman protect sachs. Arm chips are stuck in almost all smartphones.

Arm has its headquarters in the great britain and designs chip architectures. These are then licensed to chip manufacturers. Other licensees are technical companies such as apple and samsung, which evolve the arm architectures to develop their own processors. Overall, licensees have so far delivered more than 165 billion arm chips, of which 22 billion last year.

Softbank needs money

In 2016, the japanese telecommunications group had informed softbank to buy poor. In 2017, the supp receipt of the chip developer was then completed. The purchase price: 24 billion pounds (at that time around 29 billion euros or 32 billion dollars). Softbank boss masayoshi son lay people’s suppuratively, even if it was not very clear how the purchase fits into the group family.

But now softbank needs liquid funds to balance billions of losses and finance a stock budget program. For this, the japanese group was committed to selling shareholdings worth up to $ 41 billion. Alone from the sale of t-mobile usa shares agreed in june to deutsche telekom, softbank expects a good 20 billion dollars.

Nobody ranges arms supercomputer the water

Last week, poor has called a reorganization. Two business divisions for the internet of things (iot), namely iot platform and treasure data, should be spun off this year, but remain in the softbank group. Arm himself promises a better focus on the core business of the development of processor architectures and related relatives "intellectual property".

Softbank was able to sell CPU developer arm again

The supercomputer fugaku was developed by japanese research center riken together with fujitsu. In the system, more than seven million arm chips expect.

Armed to celebrate this june a special triumph: a japanese calculation system called fugaku with more than seven million arm cores has since the fastest supercomputer in the world. The us computer summit with ibm and nvidia chips was not blobed in rank 2, but dirty degraded: fugaku creates 2.8 times as many calculations per second as summit. Inters in germany’s fastest supercomputer, the supermuc-ng at the leibniz data center in garching, the factor is even high than 21.

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