Ssd prices sink: fleet pci-express ssds favorable

SSD prices sink: fleet PCI-Express SSDs favorable

Ssds with capacities from 500 gb are currently available. Especially with the models of the two widespread manufacturers crucial and samsung, german handlers underbid: samsung ssd 970 evo first fell in the price, crucials p1 and mx500 followed with partly sudden price reductions. Some ssds of other manufacturers have become continuous gunstiger.

At samsung the successor ssd 980 evo could ask himself. Handlers have specifically reduced the 970er models, resulting in remarkable price constellations: pci express 3.0-version 970 evo with 1 tbyte costs only about 10 percent more than the slower sata 6g variant 860 evo. At least the ssd 980 pro with pci express 4.0 samsung has already been confused – until now has not been involved.

Beginner and pcie-4.0 models

A price range below become a buyer at crucial? The mx500 with sata 6g and 1 tb costs 90 euro – all-time-low apart from short-term offers. For the same price, the p1 changes the owner: they are one of the most favorable pcie cartets in the m.2-format. The production of cheaper qlc flash (quadruple level cells), which describes four bits per cell. Performance is up to 2000 mb / s sequential and a maximum of 240.000 iops not as high as samsung ssd 970 evo, but consists of sata-6g models.

Who liked the fastest from the fast, gets pcie-4.0-ssds with 1 tbyte now for less than 200 euros. Corsairs force mp600 for example costs almost 190 euros. Gigabytes aorus nvme gen4 with more expensive copper cooler is available from 200 euros.

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