Vigilante justice?

Website wants to publish names, addresses and pictures of convicted child abusers

Child abuse is bad, and many of the children who are passed on may have fallen into the hands of sex offenders of some kind. There is no question that for the parents concerned, the mills of the law are often too heavy, the penalties too light, and the preventive measures too weak.

Rainer wolf is a father whose son manuel schadwald has been abducted for six years. He complains that it is "it has long been striking that many investigators in various agencies seem to regard the abuse of children and the distribution of child pornography as a petty crime." the trafficking of child pornography, for example, has long taken on the forms of organized crime. That is why he, allegedly together with an "association of people who do not want to put up with the current status quo in the prosecution of sexual crimes against children, he has set up the website stolen-lives. One understands oneself as "advocate for the more than 700 children who are abused for a long time each year", but also indicates questionable paths that point in the direction of vigilante justice.

Naturally, wolf is in favor of increasing penalties and abolishing preservation penalties. The courts are criticized for being too lax. Even the accomplices must be severely punished: "as, for example, the recently convicted pediatrician dr. Ludger wicht. He hoarded about 10,000 child pornographic pictures on his pc – partly torture and sodomistic depictions with children. He also made these available on the internet from his computer, which had been upgraded to an ftp server. For this apparent "trivial offense" received pediatrician dr. Ludger wicht received two years imprisonment for this seemingly trivial offense – of course, he was not immediately taken into custody."

The investigative behavior of the authorities is to be critically observed and misconduct is to be made public. A mail server has been set up to anonymize incoming mails from informants. It is also planned to set up a free 0800 telephone number for people seeking help who are afraid to go to the authorities to seek the advice of professional psychologists. Another number will be used as an emergency number to report incidents anonymously. Pictures of missing children will be made public. He has already started with pictures of his son.

Wolf points out that he does not want to be a vigilante and that he does not support net-hunters who allegedly search for pornography on the internet. However, stolen-lives has made it its business to, "to make offenders public for the protection of our children." and he threatens: "every known offender who has committed sexual crimes against children and has been sentenced for it will be made public by stolen-lives. With name, picture and address." one can already find a photo of ludger wicht and peter schnaubelt, but not their address.

This is only to warn parents, and after all, in the american state of virginia, after they began to publish the names and addresses of sex offenders on the internet, the crimes of repeat offenders have drastically decreased: "if german laws currently do not allow the public naming of offenders with a criminal record for the protection of the public, especially our children, then civil disobedience is called for. Until these laws are changed away from the welfare of the perpetrators to the protection of children."

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