Youtube dl: the developers can not be bound and work on

YouTube DL: The developers can not be bound and work on

In the dispute over the python library youtube-dl, with which videos can be downloaded from the streaming platform, the developers of open source software show unimpressed by the legal threats of the other side. You have now published a new version of your software. The software had been removed according to a dmca undersound request by representatives of the us music industry by microsoft’s codesharing platform github, which stimulates violent protest in the open source community, in parts of the press and network activists.

Nat friedman: "this time i got me"

In the meantime, nat friedman, business drivers of github and the long-term open source developer in the gnome environment, in the matter has been turned on. As the news page torrentfreak reports, friedman actively attempts to restore the github repository of youtube-dl. "Github exists to help developers. We do not want to make your work difficult. We want to help youtube dl developers to raise the dmca underlength request from the world so that we can restore the repo", so the github boss against torrentfreak. In conversation with the website, friedman admitted that the case had warned him personal.

Friedman believes that youtube dl developers could probably make their code with some minimal changes again online, without legal consequences of afraid. Accordingly, it is recommended to remove examples of downloading copying material from the program code. In addition, one would probably remove code that bypasses a maaking (rolling cipher) with which youtube prevents the download of some video. However, it is not clear how many videos are considered roughly and whether it is not trivial to manually bypass this protection.

Legally fragwurrdig, pr-mabig a clear disaster

Some observers believe that a lawsuit of the musical industrial convention riaa against youtube dl on the basis of the digital millennium copyright act (dmca) has little success. Because there is also a lot of content on youtube, which are under free licenses and not with copy protection, which must be bypassed. This is how most all network activists, including the electronic frontier foundation (eff), criticized the dmca underlight request of the riaa sharply.

Independent of possibly upcoming judicial conflicts seem to be clear that the riaa has shot a violent ownor with her procedure. In addition to global significant criticism, so many github users had duplicated the youtube dl code into their own repositories that github had a explicit warning had to pronounce that users who participate in this protest take the risk that their github account is locked.

New version of youtube dl is available for download

Even the youtube dl developers themselves seem to be not attracted by the threat of the music industry. On your own website you have a new version 2020.11.01.1 published in your software. The changes contained in it apparently have nothing to do with the confrontation with the riaa. So far, the development of the software seems to extend without restrictions.

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