Apple collects $ 14 billion with bonds 14 billion us dollars

Apple collects $ 14 billion with bonds 14 billion US dollars

Apple has again launched a gigantic bond program. Like the financial news agency bloomberg reported, a total of $ 14 billion was collected by investors. This is already the third time since may 2020 that apple worried about billions of bond market. The group uses the currently very low interest rates paid by stable companies.

According to the report, apple sold the bonds in a total of six tranches. The most long-running bond over 40 years landed at only 95 basis points via us government bonds (treasuries). Previously, values were discussed between 115 and 120 basis points, but the investors were also ready to satisfy themselves with such a small interest rate.

Dividends and stock pricing

Apple has never made new debts since 2017 than once in the calendar year. But the currently paid low interest rates in the corona crisis are too lucrative for the group. The money is used by the most valuable company to us markets for stock budgies as well as dividend payments. Currently there are companies that the evaluation "investment grade" have averaged nine-year bonds for interest by 1.86 percent.

This is again less than the 1.94 percent, the apple had to pay last august. The group is currently to have almost 200 billion dollars in his war class – yet he goes to the bond market. This has tax advantages, but also speak for the fact that the dividends and stock budgets are probably further accelerated, so bloomberg in an association. The iphone group is also planning to "cash-neutral" to become a blank to empty his war class. Most recently, apple had made a new debt in august 2020 fourf billion dollars. Previously, the company took eight billion dollars over bonds in may.

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