Bmw 1er m coupe: first impresses

Bmw 1er m coupe: first impresses

Ascari, 9. July 2010 – openly stood: a 135i with its 306 hp offers, despite its upcoming 1530 kilograms of empty weight, already a lot of lane. The driving services are finally better than many m models of the past. And yet marketing department and fans agreed: a sporty spearhead of the 1er series has somehow missing. They were now present, slightly camouflaged on a racetrack.

No new m1

Now, for the first time there was the opportunity to take a closer look at the strongest more closely. The car was still camouflaged, the psychedelic casting in the lower area should make a little curious about the series version, which comes on the market in the first half of 2011. With concrete information on motorization and technology, bmw is still very back. Only the official name of the car was revealed: it will "bmw 1er m coupe" make. This has all speculation about the historically occupied name "m1" an end.

Thick cheeks

On the basis of some details, however, conclusions are already drawn to the technology used. In addition, the exhibited cycling, which should be aware of the potential of the m-einser from afar to the potential of the m-einser. The foster airflow broadcasts must be, because under the sheet metal dress with high probability components from the sports suspension of m3 place. In old m-manier there are four tailpipes that produce a core, rich sound that does not necessarily suggest one.

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