Bmw 1er m coupe: sporty top model of the 1 series

Bmw 1er m coupe: sporty top model of the 1 series

Munchen, 10. December 2010 – the fubs of legendaries m1 were too rough for the muncher car maker. Unlike the larger series, the smallest m-offshoot does not mean m1, but simply "1er m coupe". But he also brings all the plants to become a real classic. Because the new 1er will not be a long construction time, finally a new one-generation will be presented in september 2011. In addition, the price of at least 50 was allowed.500 euros dafur ensure that his spread is limited. But he was also allowed to become a classic because he consistently relies on sports like hardly any other current bmw model.

Two turbochargers

After bmw has quarreled the new coupe in the last few months, the bayern now show the car all. The sporty look betrayed, which is inside: in front sucking powerful breathing air, the outflow of four pipes are emerged backwards. The body in between is 55 millimeters wider than the 135i coupe due to the growing track width. As a source of power, the bully bavaria of the rows six-six-cylinders known from the z4 sdrive35is serves. The three-liter machine creates its power of 340 hp using twinturbo technology: two loaders are active at low tours and provide three cylinders with compressed air each.

About 250 km / h

Between 1500 and 4500 rpm are 450 nm ready. Under full load, even short-term 500 nm are reached via overboot function. By m button on the steering wheel, the response of the machine can still be sharpened, at the same time the engine should blade even. 4.9 seconds should need the red tachon needle to the 100-brand. The top is just overlooked at 250 km / h.

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