Bmw m3 e46 series comes with compressor from kneble to 459 hp

Bmw m3 e46 series comes with compressor from kneble to 459 hp

Pfalzgrafenweiler, 11. September 2009 – fruhe’s e46’s three-bmw series (construction time: 2000 to 2007) had already filled the conditions for scrapping program – but it is unlikely that someone has claimed this to send off his welfare m3 into the scrap press. And true love is not known. This is how it makes sense that the schwarzwalder tuner kneble autotechnik "beautiful" now a performance increase of 116 hp and an even more aggressive optics for the removed m3.

Almost 500 nm torque

The 3.2-liter six-cylinder of the "m3 supercharged" thanks to the compressor of series mabens 343 on 459 hp gerbacht. At the same time, the maximum torque growth from 365 to 498 nm. In addition to the charging system, the motor tuning includes a charge air cooler and a suitable software optimization. Who wants so much power in the m3, who also needs a well-made purse: the performance increase has the proud price of 13.000 euro.

High-performance brakes

For additional 1350 euros, kneifler assembles a sports dough steamer, which is made in stainless steel. The enormous performance also places new requirements for tires, chassis and brakes. For 6955 euros, there is a stoptech high-performance brake system with six-piston sticks and 380 × 32 millimeters of rough, slotted slices on the front axle. At the rear axle, brake discs of the dimension are 355 × 32 millimeters with four-piston saddles for the upset delay. The system is supplemented by a brake caliper gauge bolt of steel bus.

On request with butterfly stations

A plus on driving dynamics and at the same time a dynamic appearance should allow 20-inch alurades of oxigin. They are covered with high speed-resistant 255er pneus front and 305-rubber rear. For a wheelset, 2723 euros are fally. Finally, the tuner for the m3 supercharged still offers a threaded track and sports stabilizers of kw. As a special highlight, there is also the possibility to build butterfly stages.

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