Competition for the tiguan: bmw shows the x1

Competition for the tiguan: bmw shows the x1

Munchen, 1. October 2008 – actually, the bayern suv range is pretty complete, but bmw sees still room down. Whether x3, x5 or x6: the bmw suv models have proven to be a success concept: meanwhile, more than 1.2 million vehicles have been discontinued worldwide. However, there is now one who mogged the ambition, because the vw tiguan is clear number 1 in germany in germany under the gentle channeling. On the paris motor show from 4. Until 19. October 2008, bayern now show concept x1 with the serial study concept x1, as an extension of the program will look down.

Short than an x3

The outside of the concept x1 is 4.46 meters, which the vehicle undercuts the current x3 by around eleven centimeters. The wheelbase of the study measures 2.76 meters. The proportions as well as the configuration with four-course and a coarse tailgate promise a good room feel according to bmw. The front area with a coarse kidney is based on the new 7 series, also the three-dimensionally shaped framing of the headlights is already known from the munchner top model.

Orientation to existing x models

The coarse wheel excerpts are slightly square, a black band comprises the lower body of the vehicle. The rising lateral window line conveys a sporty impression, while an appended rear part with led jerk lights in the x5 style suggests the brucke to the other x models. A bow-shaped bead at the bottom of the treats reminds the viewer to the 1er series.

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