Coraliberbre: the corona warning app without google services

Coraliberbre: The Corona warning app without Google services

The corona warning app (cwa), which was developed on behalf of the federal government of sap and deutsche telekom or. Android is known to know the google play services to function. This means that in germany, several million people can not install the cwa, as their smartphone does not comply with this prerequisite.

But these are not only people who are particularly important to their privacy and therefore all google services from android, but also to all customers of the chinese manufacturer huawei, which is due to legal requirements of the us government google’s services should not be used. To loose this problem, a group of developers around app-schmiede cosee gmbh from darmstadt develops the open source app coraliberbre – a fork of the official cwa, which is to run on android phones without google.

Without play services no contact tracing

Although google had promised shortly after the presentation of the contact tracing api developed together with apple, about it that this occurs at any point without play services, but this does not seem to have a rough priority. On corresponding inquiries on this topic, the group then does not even answer. It seems to be with the open source developers to ensure that more people can use the android version of the cwa. And that is not a small task. In conversation with our site explained the cosee developers how exactly the corona warning app works without google.

Google has therefore integrated its implementation of the contact tracing api to the play services to update this component of the operating system outside the normal operating system updates. As you know, a significant proportion of all android devices updates only very spat or not preserved, that’s what makes sense. However, for the coraliberbre developers, you will have to re-implement the google / apple api from the ground up. And not enough. Because the play services are also contiguous for background activities of android apps, they also had to develop their own mechanism that actively hold their app in the background. That was a problem of very early contact tracing apps, such as tracetogether from singapore, who had to walk in the foreground to work and therefore in real use situations in everyday life were considered pretty ineffective. The cosee developers loose with a notification in the status bar of android, which should keep the background process for replacing the bluetooth data alive.

The coraliberbre project consists of two separate parts: an sdk, which represents the implementation of the contact tracing api, and the actual application. The application is a cwa fork modifying the code from the sap and telekom upstream project so that it works with the coralibre-sdk. The coraliberbre developers had first attempted to accommodate their code directly upstream in the cwa project, but submitted topics were made at the back, as the cwa developers were under time prere. Accordingly, they now operate their own fork, whose code you want to decay. Corresponding modifications they communicate according to own information so breakfast as possible to the upstream developers back. The aim of the coralibre project is to have an app in the end, which works as well as the official app of the federal government, just stop on android rates without play services.

Millions germans are in front

The app could potentially involve millions more burgers at the contact tracing. Since politicians and experts are emphasized again and again how important it is – even with daily rapidly increasing positive sars cov 2 tests in the population and the associated upload of health markets – that benefits many burgers on mobile contact tracing participate, this seems to be a desirable goal. Above all, segments of the population could be achieved, which are not involved in large parts not involved in digital contact tracing.

So far, coraliberbre is not yet ready for everyday use and is only available as a trial version that must be manually installed and should only be used on test apparatus. The developers hope, however, in the next few weeks a version of the app in google play store unavenges. The project is partly demanded from public funds, including the hessian state government. However, the cosee employees are also happy about the support of other open source developers. Interested parties who have experience with android development can participate in github’s development of the app.

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