Daimler enters rfid standardization body

Daimler ag, according to its own information, as the first automobile manufacturer of the standardization organization epcglobal, which define the world’s standards for use of rfid technology. Rfid (radio frequency identification) stands for automatic identification by means of radio waves, which require and storing data on the respective object and is used to automatically register and track objects on their path within the supply chain.

From the point of view of daimler ag, the technology offers the potential to increase the entire process qualitat and save costs. Through his membership, the car manufacturer wants to bring the requirements of the automotive industry to the development of a standard.

Even today, rfid is used in the automotive industry, for example with material supply processes. However, in order to be able to use the technique in the global mabboat and under companies and industries, further and general-free standards are necessary. The network offers daimler a suitable platform, because it meets here on such different industries such as logistics, aviation, defense, chemistry, pharmaceutical, consumer, trade, clothing, soft and hardware industry etc.

Daimler has already tested in various pilot projects in the area of charge carrier management, which offers possibilities rfid – so also in the material supply in transmission production. In the future, the company wants to further explore the benefits of rfid.

Rfid is incident not only in the production of cars, but also in operation an interesting technique, which is not undisputed. For example, in 2004 in sudafrika, a field trial was carried out in which number plates were provided with the technique. So for example, an automatic timber lift conceivable, access controls to garages could be done automatically, or car retirement could automate pickup and delivery of the cars. That’s why daimler with his commitment is probably not – the aim of membership of epcglobal is simply the gentle production of cars.

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