Devsecops: jfrog superserve vdoo and expands the offer to continuous security

DevSecops: JFrog superserve VDOO and expands the offer to Continuous Security

The software company jfrog ames the vdoo connected trust ltd. (short: vdoo), a specialist for aerial security, for a purchase price of around $ 300 million. The buyer is planning to expand its own offer for continuous delivery (cd) to a more comprehensive platform: so vdoo’s expertise in providing holistic security software is especially in the embedded area, from the development environment to edge, iot ( internet of things) and terminates.

Vdoos security team continues to jfrog

With the transfer, vdoos go professionals for vulnerabilities and security in the jfrog team over and should according to the blog entry, together with the existing jfrog team on products for the entire life cycle of software packages works together. The aim is according to the blog entry to provide new security features for any type of software release on a uniform dev (sec) ops platform.

Motivation behind the expansion planes is according to jfrog that it often hapere in existing devops offers on the safety. Disparate security tools broke out the release process, and between the development and security departments, it often came to tensions. This statement coincides with findings of the current report "state of kubernetes security 2021", in the it manageable information that security ies are almost every day and progress throttled. The most common should cause defective configurations due to the survey carried out by stackrox and red hat, and ambiguity in the statements inhibited the implementation of the implementation of closer security concepts.

Xray is intended to examine configurations and their applicability

For jfrog, the vdoo employees are supposed to bring the tool xray to make the tool xray for configuration settings and their applicability. Other projects should extend the jfrog offer towards embedded technology and iot devices, especially the protection against zero-day vulnerabilities is in the foreground. The long-term goal of the company is it according to its own data, "one company for all software updates" to become. Certainly the current demand for edge computing software also plays a role.

Opinion of a vdoo primer

Vdooo had entered the market over four years ago and since then focused on security for embedded devices (iot). Representing the origionary three company urban, the vdoo ceo and co-primary nati davidi in its own blog entry relating to the supposition. According to davidi, it was about to achieve primarily to achieve a greater target group than before and continue to grow. His three-piece retrospective to "vdoo journey" you can read interested parties in the blog of the vdoo website and get growing insights into the official reordering report in the jfrog blog.

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