Doctoral trade in the darknet: police lift off the wrong workshop

Doctoral trade in the Darknet: Police lift off the wrong workshop

In magdeburg investigators have discovered a mutual false workshop for id cards. On wednesday, about 220 officers searched three apartments and the buro camouflaged workshop, as the federal police inspector of criminality facilities hall on thursday announced. They ensured data carrier and false utensils such as printers, printing plates, seals, chemicals and film elements. It was an action of the general officer frankfurt am main, central office on the combation of the internet criminalitat, and the federal police.

Three accused at the age of 23 to 24 years, since june 2018 in the darknet on marketplace as the 2019 wallstreet market and the crimenetwork.Co under the pseudonym "fakeid-dobby" fake documents offered. According to the assortment, recipes, leading german identity cards as well as identification documents from austria, italy, czech republic, poland and hungary. The three men should thus win around 45.Have achieved 000 euros. It was predominantly paid in the crypto food bitcoin.

Documental false in 140 fall

The two 24-year-old main accusations were brought to hesse, where they were conceded on thursday the adoption warrants of the district court geuben. According to them, the information is accused of community, commercial login analysis in 140 cases. The third accused at the age of 23 is on free fuv. According to the federal police, all three non-prefixed accused fees in the case of a conviction of multi-annual imprisonment.

The arrests had been preceded by the arrests since 2019. As it succeeded in revealing the identity of the mutably uberserknnet operating suspects, the police did not lead. Police surratin romy towe explained according to the police message: "the supposed identity protection by anonymitation is exploited by the acting to make the prosecution more difficult. The resistances of the police and the judiciary increased their digital competences in the past personnel and technical. In this procedure, it could be shown that these can pay off."

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