France: the housing shortage is growing

France: the housing shortage is growing

Sans domicile fixe, paris, 2005. Photo: eric pouhier.5

Fondation abbe pierre: 12.1 million people live in critical or emergency housing conditions

The report of the abbe pierre foundation is published regularly at the end of the year or at the beginning of the year. For many years, it has described a downward curve: housing conditions for the poorer in france are becoming increasingly miserable, is always the key message. This year’s report is no exception: 12.1 million people in france are severely affected by the housing crisis, whether because they are housed in poor conditions, threatened with eviction, or because they are financially overburdened even by cheap rents and cannot afford heating.

If you add up all those who are not in a critical situation but in a difficult one, you get as many as 15 million people "en difficulte", the summary report, which estimates the worst-affected group at 4 million, states that. They either have no shelter at all, are only housed on an emergency basis, or are without a personal space.

The number of people without a permanent residence has increased by 50 percent in 10 years

These highlights, accompanied by rough figures, illustrate what has already characterized the previous reports (cf. The report from the end of 2015: france: 3.8 million only "only provisionally housed"): a development that tends to the even worse and a set of figures that is not really clear and fulfills wishes for precise data. However, some statements speak for themselves. Approximately, as the head of the fondation communicates that the number of people without a fixed abode has increased by 50 percent within 10 years. Currently it amounts to 143.000.

It also speaks for itself that 11 million do not have sufficient means for adequate electricity, hot water or gas supply, which has to do with increased energy prices – they have risen by 70 percent since 2000 – and poorly insulated housing.

Too much rent, too high electricity costs

The phenomenon of the energy precariousness is "energy precarity" examples such as a family that has to live on less than 1,000.000 euros a month, paying 550 euros for rent and 200 (!) euros a month for electricity. The man is unemployed, the electricity is repeatedly cut because of unpaid bills, which in winter means that the family with a small child has no heating for days.

For the poorer, the lower and the middle classes, the situation has worsened since the rise in real estate prices in the 2000s and the financial crisis that began in 2008, the fondation notes.

This can be seen drastically in the increase in the number of people without a permanent home and in the growing number of people taking shelter with a third party, in a boarding house or in temporary housing (753,000 in total).000). That number increased by 19 percent between 2002 and 2013, he said. The number of those living in housing that is too cramped (missing at least one room in the home) increased by 17 percent between 2006 and 2013.

An election campaign argument?

This year differs from those before. It’s an election campaign, the all-dominant question is whether the fn candidate marine le pen can become president. The housing shortage was an ie. The fondation abbe pierre and mrs. Le pen are not on good terms. She will hardly fall back on the numbers.

The left-of-center candidates benoît hamon and jean-luc melenchon have taken up the ie, as have the green yannick jadot and the center candidate emmanuel macron. They dealt with the report in a specially scheduled campaign event. How their proposals will then be turned into political capital in the final weeks of the election campaign, however, remains to be seen.

The candidate of the conservative republicans, francois fillon, who has close ties to the catholic church, is currently struggling with a scandal that continues to grow. Now he is accused not only of helping his wife to 900,000 euros through fictitious employment, but also of helping his wife to earn 900,000 euros through fictitious employment.000 euros to his wife, but also favoured his children in a similar way.

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