From now on, prisoners are made

A new law regulates the involvement of german red cross, johanniter accident help and maltese aid service in the sanitary service of the bundeswehr and in the care of war prisoners

At 16.10.In 2008, the bundestag agreed at 96 votes and 32 abstentions to an expanded and leased mandate of the bundeswehr for its commitment in afghanistan, although it became clear especially in weeks and days before the vote, how unclear is the goal of this deployment. After all, here was on agenda item 6 of the 183. Meeting of the bundestag, still passionately discussed. Top 40b, on the other hand, went without debate on the round: the deputies of the union, the spd and fdp group and the group of bundis 90 / grunen raised to signal approval, the group "the left" contained (http: // www.Bundestag.De / bic / plenary protocols / pp_pdf / 16183.Pdf), there had been no debate and ambiguity on the impact of the law. Thus, the law was adopted on the german red cross and entered into force the following day.

The law states that the german red cross, the johanniter-accident help and the maltese aid service to support the sanitating service of the bundeswehr are considered to be considered. Federal ministry of justice and the drc then relevant press releases largely identified, the drk welcomed the new law as "welfell [his] national and international tasks in the service of man". This also confirmed the press spokeswoman of the drk, which, like the ministry of justice, said, the tasks of the drc are now merely in one "more recent legal form". As a fundamental, the old law, which regulate the position of the drc, is still through nazi terminology and somehow no longer has been gained since 1945.

The new law also provides that the drc also participate in the care of the prisoner of war and "investigations [supported], which can be scattered by the war, to reconnect to each other". This too "normal business of national societies [of the red cross]", as the drk also applies, the press spokesman ared. So far, however, it has not yet occurred that the federal armed forces of the drk had been convened in the sanitary service of the bundeswehr. For the case that it comes so, the bill clearly clears that the drk "can not escape this task". Also this corresponds to the international regulations.

"We do not value this as a sign that it will be true to the prisoners of war, or we need to support the sanitary service of the bundeswehr", insured the drk. Although the time of the adoption speaks. The same day, not only more soldiers were sent to the hinduschus-based commitment to the hindukusch. In july, the bundeswehrverband warned against one "ready shaft of pilots and doctors", u.A. Due to the increasing burden on foreign opportunities (the bundeswehr, the soldiers are based on afghanistan).

Although the law formal is also accompanied by a protection of the assistants of the aid organizations, these are now after the humanitarian war ruler law with his distinction in combatants and non-comboants "just as to protect and protect how military sanitating staff", so the design. But his loss of funds in afghanistan denied the ministry of defense, as it is officially not an armed conflict by the war (war, fight, robust peacekeeping …). Therefore, the soldatin in sanitation service, hauptfeldebel christiane ernst-zettl, was punished for that she doubted that the ordered service at the weapon corresponding to the volkerrecht.

The drk was not included in the preparation of the law, meant dortr, but a regulation had already been expected long. On the other hand, employees of the maltese auxiliary service and the johanniter, even the legal departments, did not know the content of the law did not show themselves surprised. "Since we probably got a new legal status overnight", said a lawyer who works for one of the organization. "In contrast to the drk, we do not even have a department for volkerrechtliche questions." other representatives of the voluntary aid organizations mutmabosten first that cooperation with the bundeswehr refer only to the defense case and at catastrophic relief in germany, where she already took place anyway.

Although this does not apply, benedikt supplies says from the emergency provision of the maltese auxiliary service: "we are very pleased that the legislation not only the german red cross but also voluntary aid organizations as a partner of the state are recognized." whether the employees about the obligations that are accompanied by, as well as they will show.

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