Homepod mini: users complain about internet dropouts

HomePod Mini: Users complain about Internet dropouts

Potential dispatch after unpacking: owners of the brand new homepod mini report problems with the network connection of the small smart speaker.

Corresponding complaints are available in both english speaking and german-speaking official apple support forum. The ongoing operation of the siri speaker is interrupted with the note that it is interrupted "problems with the internet connection" giving.

Home app is silent

Further error messages, such as in the home application, does not ie the homepod mini, but the music reproduction and use of siri first do not work anymore as usual. A restart on the home app usually helps, sometimes a simple separation of electricity. An on / off switch does not have the devices, they drive up immediately after supply with electricity.

The homepod mini is connected as well as its gross brother via wlan with the internet. The kugel round smart speaker comes with new network hardware, which also supports the thread protocol for the first time. An affected user reports he has already returned his device to the 5 ghz wlan from 2.4 to the 5 ghz wlan or have addressed three of his mini each individually. "That’s so annoying…" with the original homepod this never happened.

Asus router problematic?

It is conceivable that the homepod mini has difficulty with certain wireless routers. Approximately, for example, models of asus like the blue cave. Sometimes it can help to change the location of routers or homepod mini – the latter is lightly slightly portable and only requires a power connection. Apple itself does not offer its own routers more, but markets homekit-compatible models of eero and linksys.

Users who suffer from the problem can otherwise only wait if apple the error over a software update lost. On the homepod mini runs the well-known homepod os, which is updated regularly. Alternatively, you can only return the smart speaker within the assistance period. Apple’s support does not know the mistake. The homepod mini is clearly favorable with 100 euros than its gross brother, the regular homepod.

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