Horns with alarm effect

Horns with alarm effect

Euskirchen, 3. July 2009 – "car horns warn of natural disasters" reports the fraunhofer institute for scientific and technical trend analysis (int) in euskirchen. At first, this sounds like a rubbish headline, but it has a serious background: today, germany no longer has a flat warning system. The sirens, often mounted on rooftops, were largely dismantled after the end of the cold war. According to int, the federal ministry of the interior rejected the idea of rebuilding such a system because of the projected costs of several hundred million euros.

Mobile communications as a basis
fraunhofer int has examined various approaches to using today’s communications technology for a new warning concept. For example, there is the idea of transmitting disaster warnings to the mobile communications network, a process that the netherlands actually wants to introduce – a field test is also to take place in germany before the end of 2009. But the process has disadvantages: not everyone owns a cell phone, you can’t be reached during a conversation, and the devices have to be turned on, of course.

The fraunhofer int idea, on the other hand, is based on the ecall emergency call system, which is used to trigger an emergency call in the event of an accident, which is to be transmitted to an emergency call center via gsm, i.E. Mobile communications as well. If the eu has its way, by the end of 2010 every new car should be equipped with the necessary technology for ecall, i.E. Essentially a gsm and gps module. Technically, this is not a utopia, because both are already carried in many cars anyway, albeit so far for other purposes. In addition, the gsm standard has proven to be durable, which facilitates its integration into automobiles.

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