Microsoft edge snaps data from other browsers – without approval

Microsoft Edge snaps data from other browsers - without approval

Windows 10 users get the latest version of microsoft’s browser edge with the current update. Automatically open a dialog box for setting up the browser. As shown in this time, this data stored by other installed browsers – such as firefox and chrome.

For the information, the edge, accook, properties, form data, history and bookmarks as well as favorites. According to users, this happens, which, among other things, complain about reddit in it, even if you take the dialog box immediately over the task manager. Microsoft does not remove until users have consented to a transfer – this consent will not be queried only at the end of the setup process. Copied bookmarks were immediately immediately in edge, after completion and negation but disappeared again, is reported in the forum. Who does not export the institution to the end, can not prevent transmission at all and in case of doubt not even something.

More bugdate as update

The new chromium-based browser edge has been available as download since january, microsoft started automatically to deliver it to all users with windows 10. He lost the so-called legacy edge browser and makes itself the standard first. This has been a recurrent argganis for many microsoft users for years. Updates should appear on the distance of six weeks each.

The microsoft outlook patches from june have initially taken care of pst files that have been fixed now. In addition, there is strut with blue screen in the module isass.Exe. Even with printers there were difficulties with security updates. Some windows 10 users should forcibly switch to the may 2020 update – but also there are numerous bugs.

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