New 12.9″ ipad pro allegedly incompatible “old” magic keyboard

New 12.9' ipad pro angeblich inkompatibel zu 'altem' magic keyboard' ipad pro angeblich inkompatibel zu 'altem' magic keyboard

The first generation of the groben magic keyboard applies to apple internally reports as incompatible with the new 12.9" ipad pro. The reason for this seems to be the new display technique: the backlight from over 10.000 mini leds makes the new edition of the tablet a little heavy and minimal thicker, according to apple’s information, the depth now lets himself at 6.4 millimeters, so it is exactly half a millimeter thicker than the process.

New 12.9" ipad pro is thicker

To what extent the additional 0.5 millimeter represents an actual problem when using the former magic keyboard, remains open for the time being. For this reason, the new ipad in the folded state is no longer properly enclosed or clamped too tight, maybe it is only a purely asthetic blemish that makes no significant difference in practice. In any case, in an internal documentation for the apple store, the manufacturer points to the incompatibility, like igeneration.For reported.

With the import of the ipad pro 2021, apple has introduced a new color variant of the magic keyboard, besides black, the keyboat hull is still in the woman in a woman. Further changes have not been known so far. The new version can only be pre-ordered from the end of april, it should be after apple’s information from waiting for all existing models, so can on the 11" ipad pro of the first, second and third generation and ipad air 4 are used. The coarse export is now for the new 12.9" ipad pro of feden generation also thought like for the two transactions, ie all models from redesign in 2018.

Magic keyboard only one year old

Striking is that apple has so far the smaller export for the 11" ipad in black to buy to buy, the first generation of the groben magic keyboard for the 12.9"-model obviously but has taken from the program. A clear separation of the generations of the accessory is missing: who now a 12.9" ipad pro wanted to buy, should definitely be careful not to buy an old probably incompatible version of the keyboard hill.

The magic keyboard with trackpad, which costs almost 400 euros in the gross execution at apple, is only for a year in the trading – so for existing magic keyboard users and users who now have a new 12.9" ipad pro want to buy.

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