Oberservability platforms: new relic superspire pixie labs

Oberservability platforms: New Relic superspire Pixie Labs

New relic, operator of a platform of the same name for monitoring and upper servability in cloud environments, has taken the kubernet’s observability platform pixie labs. The relatively young competitor had only reached general availability two months ago and was launched with a first financial syringe.

Apparently, new relic deals with the suppure an expansion of his platform. The brand pixie labs and the corresponding product should continue under the existing name.

Cloud native workloads under kubernetes

Pixie labs’ offer specializes in cloud-native workloads on kubernetes clusters. The focus is on developers (dev), in contrast to other tools that have more it operation (ops). Inside the platform is a software designated as ebpf, which extends the linux kernel: the coverage stands for "extended berkeley packet filter" and is a relatively new technology for data processing in the linux kernel, which is mainly used for monitoring memory utilization, cpu and traffic. With ebff, pixie labs apparently collect data of system monitoring directly in the kernel without the intermediate agent. With so-called pixie scripts, debugging workflows can be written and share with the community.

Oberservability platforms: New Relic superspire Pixie Labs

Ebff stands for "extended berkeley packet filter" and is a new technology for monitoring tasks in the linux kernel.

Application performance monitoring

New relic already has its own software in the field of application performance monitoring (apm) before acquiring pixie labs. The purchase deepens the portfolio in the apm area. New relic is apparently planning to provide pixie the cloud native community as open source, as the cpo of new relics, bill staples, has notified techcrunch technology portal.

Background at the oversight and the story of pixie labs can be found in a blog entry of the pixie-labs-grunder zain asgar and ishan mukherjee. In the course of the consideration, pixie labs also reigned a number of places. A number of other opinions are tangible about the central press release from new relic.

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