Playstation 5: digital event confirmed

PlayStation 5: Digital Event Confirmed

In a playstation 5-showcase sony wants to ask other games for the upcoming game console. These are the information published yesterday to updates to the latest titles of playstation studios and information of partner developers. The games should come on the market with and after the publication of the playstation 5.

Live stream on wednesday

The showcase should be transferred to the video platforms youtube and twitch via live stream, starts on wednesday, 16. September, at 22 o’clock and takes about 40 minutes, sony explains in the blog post.

Playstation 5 showcase – wednesday, september 16

Official information on the price and publication date the ps5 has not yet made sony, just limited to the upcoming christmas. Whether on wednesday, in addition to the already exploited games also information on the price and an official date for pre-ordering or publication of the different versions of the playstation 5 will be made to be seen.

Consoles and accessories

The playstation 5 will appear in two different versions – one with and one without uhd drive (digital edition) – and with a new accessory. To the original accessory, the already confidently new dualsense wireless controllers, the media remote control – missed as original accessories at the playstation 4 -, an hd camera, the pulse 3d-wireless headset and the dualsense charging station for up to two controller.

According to reports, the performance of the two ps5 versions is identical, only the uhd drive is missing in the digital edition, which therefore was allowed to visit with a small price. Against the xbox series x, which is also equipped with a uhd drive, the gentle and smaller xbox series s without drive also has significantly less power than the rough brother.

Playstation 5 vs. Xbox series x

On the paper, the playstation 5 attracts the shortest of the xbox series x in the spotlight. First sconed on twitter, according to which the developer studio teamkill media had problems, his game "quantum error" on the ps5 with 30 frames per second and in 4k resolution flowing river run, a short time later was revised by the developer. The game run without optimization already with 65-70 images with a 4k resolution.

Microsoft has been promised for the xbox series s in the past week, in which the prices for both xbox series versions including the dates for pre-order and market import and hardware equipment called.

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