Profits the german car industry from world champion vettel?

Daimler boss dieter zetsche does not have sebastian vettel to the formula 1 world­master­congratulated. The connector and his mercedes motorsport boss norbert haug will have persecuted the triumph of the german but benevolent. Daimler is the only rough german carmaker in the expensive secondary class. The bavarian competitor bmw has adopted a year ago. Even the vw group to the world top has no ambitions to send his brands porsche or audi to the race.

At daimler, the commitment devours million sums per year. After drawing up the swabia, the but well-designed money – and vettel despite his victory with a renault engine a class ambassador for the entire german auto industry. "Of course it is very good if a german driver formula is 1-world champion", says haug. "Germany is the carewell, today you can be more positive to the car than ever, and a competent sympathy carrier like sebastian vettel as a world champion fits the picture in the picture."

The industry observer ferdinand dudenhoffer does not see any positive vettel effect. "Therefore, no car will be sold in the german car industry more or less." he also sees the general benefit of a formula 1 commitment for the manufacturers skeptical. "Hard hard is not worth it." the millions should be better in research and development in his opinion. "If you put your money into a motor support, it is better invested as if you leave a car around the curve."

That looks haug differently, even if the seven-fold world champion michael schumacher in the mercedes-cockpit drove after this season afterwards. "Everything that has been sent, written and printed over michael schumacher and mercedes benz, was hundreds of millions of costs, wanted to book the same room or the same time in the corresponding media with advertising messages", mother haug. Daimler promises backwind, especially in important growth markets. "We had good performances in china, malaysia, korea and abu dhabi this year on the racetrack and very good next to this", stresses haug. "These markets love the formula 1 and use their appearance for customer actions – they should experience what enthusiasm is when then michael schumacher and nico rosberg occur."

Meanwhile, bmw has wrestled a full braking at his formula 1 commitment and enters the farewell to the world’s most famous racing circus in the world’s well-known racing circus. To drive cars with horrendous gasoline consumption in a circle, no longer completed with the fuel-saving philosophy of the bwm boss norbert reithofer.

The stripping pullers at europe’s large car makers vw can not be expected for the conical class. It is rumored, the powerful vw supervisory board ferdinand piech rejects a commitment. An official decision on the art motivation management should be scheduled this year.

At porsche a potential "no" from wolfsburg to the juxtapy in the formula 1 circus does not provide for too much extension. Most recently, the stuttgart was almost 20 years ago as engine manufacturer. The times with their own racing stall are still much further back and did not provide for rough jubilation – just a race victory can show the sports car builders. Porsche chef matthias muller is more of a fan of other racing series. Little is about his taste at formula 1 around the car brands, too much around galion figures like vettel and schumi.

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