Red hat openshift receipt developer sandbox for kubernetes environments

Red Hat Openshift Receipt Developer Sandbox for Kubernetes environments

Openshift, one of red hat-operated kubernetes platform for companies, has received a developer sandbox. Developers and developers kubernetes-based applications are apparently created in the environment you are familiar in parallel to productive operation. The advantage is that you can use the existing settings and configurations to use the existing settings and configurations during the app development as usual and not only new setups for development are carried out.

Private openshift environment with tool set

The developer sandbox within red hat openshift offers a private openshift environment in a shared multi-tenant cluster that is already preconfigured with an external set of developer tools. The development environment is intended to create prototypes and new applications in a secured environment, add new services, and for example to yield containers from source code or docker files.

Fingering in the sandbox

The feature should accelerate the application development and engage closer with the existing environment of openshift. Developers can also use the sandbox generally for the overlay with openshift. For this purpose, red hat has a number of exercises that imagine possible sandbox activities – for example, how to provide java applications on kubernetes or how to integrate the data analysis platform kafka into its own applications. The deployment of a sample application also drove the red-hat developers here step for step forward.

Red Hat Openshift Receipt Developer Sandbox for Kubernetes environments

Schematic representation of a developer sandbox in red hat openshift

With the offer of the sandbox red hat the environment, according to the intention to further consolidate the position as – according to own information – leading kubernetes platform for the enterprise clientele. A number of updates of the youngest time also points in this direction, red has presented the new features openshift gitops and pipelines only a few days ago in the context of the kubec.

Further information about the developer sandbox can be found in the developer area on the red-hat website. An overview of the open-time updates from openshift offers the press release

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