Security: first quantum-assured video conference between federal agents

Security: First quantum-ared video conference between federal agents

A technical premiere started today at 10:15 am in bonn. Federal research minister anja karliczek started at this time with the compulsory prere on the red button the first quantum-saved video conferencing. It took place on a 300-meter-long test track between the service seat of the federal ministry of education and research (bmbf) on the rhine and the federal office for safety in information technology (bsi). Actually, the premiere was already planned for 2020, but was postponed for corona.

Karliczek showed enthusiastically about the "very, very good connection". You spur: "something is different." she was "totally proud", stressed the cdu politician. She also intervened: "i do not really understand how the whole works." for technology, she had aside martin schell, head of the henrich hertz institute concerning the fraunhofer-gesellschaft, which suited the foundations based on the qunet research initiative, which the bmbf calls for a total of 125 million euros to 2026.


In the demonstration under the project, it was mainly about the transmission of secret keys that are transferred with lighting quantities. The actual video connection will then be treated conventionally with this secret key.

Security: First quantum-ared video conference between federal agents

Federal research minister anja karliczek (left) and martin schell (right), head of the heinrich-hertz institute, at the pre-relief of the quantum-ared video conference. In the middle, andreas konen, head of cyber and information security in the federal ministry of city, speakers of the german industrial composature for quantum security (divqsec), bsi-viceprasident gerhard schabhuser and andreas konen, head of cyber and information security at the federal ministry of the interior (v.L.N.R.To).

In bonn, the technicians built three different channels for the key television to demonstration and research purposes, a fiber optic cable and two free-beam radio corridors, one of them a point-to-point connection between periscops. Schell, however, stressed: "in the future, a procedure will be sufficient."

For the physically secured exchange of quantum fastenels, the researchers who already gave insights into the technique for the bonn experiment in december, to deal with photonic quantum. By meng of the quantum procedure of single photons, the connection partners can replace quantum secure key and thus build an absolutely suspicious communication.

Objective: a practice-oriented procedure

Here you take advantage of physical laws, the closure process achievements "not software-based", shooted shell. It will be created a key, "know the only transmitter and receptionist". Through a third of the dear to it, he will "desort and discarded". About the abnormal attacks – in contrast to the classic public-key infrastructure – could be discovered immediately. Overall, it is about connecting quantum physics, photonics and mathematics as well as to bring the procedure to the market practice-oriented with network and infrastructure providers and industry.

Technically, all this is not raging – as early as 2004, a working group demonstrated by the quantum physicist anton zeilinger in vienna the world’s first quantum cryptographically secured bank transfer. Because apart from a few individual cases the potential clientele showed rather skeptical, the technology – at least in europe – remained long in the laboratories. China, on the other hand, demands the expansion of quantum networks and has built up the world’s highest glass fiber network of the world.

In order to use quantum cryptography in this country in a coarse mabboat, however, it must first be better integrated into existing it infrastructure. The technology must at least at least "fit into one or two shoe boxes, "says schell. The expert ames that it is possible, "in three to five years something to do something product." first, the cores were connected in the form of network nodes, then the approach to the ax. First, the technology was probably used for backups between data centers.


Previous, usually not from germany prototypes for quantum capture are also "often not sturdy enough", benefit the spokesman on the bsi of the german industrial network for quantum security (divqsec), christoph glingerer. It needs almost one "physics doctor to operate". He is therefore also hovering local products with post-quantum cryptography "standardized, certified and approved" disperse. These had to be secured about the national value chain.

According to bsi viceprasident gerhard schabhuser, the author is already working on a methodology and infrastructure to make striking equipment suitable for use. The coarse sticking point when closing are often weak points in the implementation, so the bsi also make this review.

Pilot network for quantum communication

Karliczek spoke of a true technical revolution in communication with which germany together with manufacturers and providers "establish as trustwurried data space in the world" could. Parallel you want the "build first performance quantum computers". Such "gear locking processes in the hand overweight". It is therefore important, dependent alternatives "with high prere" move forward. In addition, foundations such as quantum repeaters to increase the ranges.

For coarse distances must be developed according to the minister of small satellites, which is why qunet should also be seen as a german contribution for the succinct european project euroqci. Furthermore, the bmbf urges the development of quantum tokens for the secure authentication of users.

As part of the qunet initiative launched two years ago, the fraunhofer-gesellschaft, the max planck society and the german center for aerospace (dlr) are working on the base for a pilot network for quantum communication. The federal government considers this field with its prolonged research framework program for it security as "concentration technology for abhorticherheit". Only these allow it to do, "by using basic physical effects, the confidentiality of sensitive information".

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