Surface duo: update makes the folding handy to the xbox handheld

Surface Duo: Update makes the Folding Handy to the Xbox handheld

The android-based klapphandy surface duo becomes a kind of xbox handheld: with an update for the application xbox cloud gaming microsoft now uses both screens of the duo full. The gameplay is displayed on the upper display, during the lower screen, the controls are displayed as a touch flat. The update was already published in the usa, in germany the app in the play store has not been renewed.

With its two screens, the surface duo reminds, for example, on nintendos legendar game boy mobil consoles. The virtual game pad on the lower of the two surface screens includes all buttons that need for the respective game in touch-form. The two sticks can also be implemented as a touch-flat.

About 50 games with touch control

Not every game supports this touch input: only since april microsoft has added touch-support at 50 titles to which among others "gears 5" and "sea of thieves" belong. A complete list of games that are controllable via touch controls has published microsoft on its website.

With the app xbox cloud gaming, members of xbox game pass ultimate pc and xbox games can stream their subscription to android-gerate. So you can theoretically elaborate title without massive loss of quality on the smartphone or tablet export. The quality of streaming playback is dependent on the internet connection.

When controlling the games on the phone, users have multiple options: the easiest way is to connect a bluetooth gamepad with his android phone. There are numerous brackets to buy, with which you can attach the phone to the gamepad. Alternatively, there are special cell phone gamepads in which you can simply plug in the smartphone.

The third option remains the touch control: the controls are usually laid over the actual game. Who has microsoft’s duo mobile phone, so an advantage – the touch buttons do not come up with the gameplay in the way because both content is displayed on different displays.

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