The longest way

A weblog about a walk from peking to bad nenndorf

There are as many weblogs as the proverbial sand on the sea. But the blog the longest way is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and imaginative ones. In it, christoph rehage, born in hanover in 1981, describes a crazy project: since last november, he has been on the road to fub – from beijing to bad nenndorf, where his family lives. In the process, the 15-or-so.000 kilometers through the countries of kazakhstan, uzbekistan, turkmenistan, iran, armenia, turkey, greece, the former yugoslavia, slovenia, austria and finally germany. A route that takes an airplane only a few hours, but to fub it takes more than two years.

In the meantime, the student has already covered around 1.900 kilometers, has had to fight for a while with blisters on his feet and sometimes with the ticks of bureaucracy. He regularly describes all his experiences in words and pictures in his blog. And sometimes he creates little photo stories, for example, when he philosophizes about the parallels between a yellow backpack he saw containing all the belongings of an old man and the internet, which is so important for him.

He was able to make this journey thanks to a small inheritance. And, as he revealed in an interview with journalist harald maass, who lives and works in beijing, he does not want to become famous with the trip. "He is also not a dropout, as his father initially suspected, who is opting out of society. After arriving in germany, rehage plans to finish his studies in sinology in munich. ,i just have the feeling that this migration is the right thing to do at the moment.’"

Rehage does not see himself as an adventurer: "i am not reinhold messner. I just walk through the area. That is actually not spectacular." and, if you believe his blog entries, sometimes it’s even really boring. Nevertheless, his travel diary wins more and more readers, who in the comments aubern to his reports. Or who simply wish him good luck. And that he can certainly also use well.

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