Unpopular theory of evolution

In the usa, more than half of the people say that god created people the way they are now; in germany, so far, only 12 percent believe this

Apparently the rejection of the theory of evolution is growing, at least as far as the descent of man is concerned, no matter whether among christians or muslims (god or evolution?). Many cannot or do not want to imagine that the people and with it naturally also they themselves, have originated accidentally and without influence of a higher power and that they also represent an accidental, but only preliminary final product.

However, there are differences. According to a forsa survey in the fall of 2005, as many as 61 percent of those surveyed in germany "agreed with the theory of evolution. However, more than 40 percent described themselves as nondenominational. But in germany, too, just over 25 percent say they agree with intelligent design, i.E. Reject the theory of evolution. The non-denominational are represented here only with 11 percent, catholics, however, with 45.7 percent and protestants with 37.6 percent. Intelligent design was understood to mean: "life on earth was created by a higher being or by god, went through a process of evolution, and is now a part of the universe. By god, but underwent a lengthy development process that was controlled by the higher being or god. Was steered by god."

The followers of the creationism in germany (not yet from the full) who are of the opinion that god has created the life on the earth directly in such a way, as it is written in the bible, represent only 12 per cent. Here the christians of both denominations, but also the followers of other religions are proportionally even more strongly represented. However, 8 percent of the nondenominational also agreed with creationism. So they believe in the christian god and the bible, but they are not in any church.

With the british it looks already differently. In a survey at the beginning of the year, only 48 percent favored the theory of evolution. 17 percent found intelligent design more sympathetic, but even more (22 percent) believe the bible’s version is literally credible. For this reason, many also advocate including creationism or. Intelligent design in the school curriculum.

In the usa, the country in the west with a predominantly religious population, the situation is just the opposite. Here, those who lean toward the theory of evolution and do not believe in the intervention of a god make up just 12 percent of those surveyed in a recent gallup poll. On the other hand, 53 percent reject the theory of evolution and say that man was created by god as he is now. And 31 percent adhere to the milder form, that man has evolved but under god’s guidance.

At 57 percent, more republicans than democrats (44 percent) believe in the literal version of the bible. It is also clear, however, that with increasing age, the religiousness and rejection of the theory of evolution increases, while with better schooling and education, the rejection of the theory of evolution increases. University education is steadily declining. But even still, 25 percent of college graduates lean toward the bible version.

However, these clear delineations offered by such surveys are probably no longer quite so clear when one drills deeper or allows for more responses. According to a september 2005 pew study, the situation seems less clear and more cognitively confused. Allowing respondents a little more leeway, in one pew poll 26 percent chose natural evolution, 42 percent chose the biblical version, and 18 percent chose evolution under god’s control. In another poll, 33 percent chose evolution and 44 percent chose biblical creation in six days. In a gallup poll last year, in which multiple responses were possible, some said they believed both the theory of evolution (55%) and the biblical version (58%) or the idea of intelligent design (31%) to be true. Anyway, doubt is rough, so is the desire for meaning.

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